Primitive Olive Oil

Our “dedication” is the result of the experience handed on from father to son.

Ideal for the most demanding tastes, it is bright green with a melted fruit and leave flavour. Due to its strong nature it can be used for cooking or for dressing cold. Perfect with grilled meat, grilled bread and “pinzimonio” (sauce of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper in which raw vegetables are dipped).
The Primitive oil is obtained from the early Peranzana green olives harvested in San Severo, one of the best region to grow this variety in Apulia. This results in bright green oil with strong fruity taste and hot leave and fruit scents, where bitter and hot mix together harmoniously in this excellent and palatable product. It is best served with dishes demanding a strong dressing, like grilled meat, grilled bread and pinzimonio.

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