The Oil Mill

Tradition and up-to-dating techniques to guarantee the best quality.

Three production methods

The Frantoio Sciroppo is equipped with three different working lines: a semi-traditional one with millstones and two modern systems using hammer cylinder oil mills. All the three methods are continuous cycle production methods.

Semi-traditional method:the olives are leaves removed, washed and crushed by huge granite stone wheels till to obtain a paste of olives. The resulting paste is then stirred dough (gramolatura): in this step the paste is mixed in order to obtain a breaking of the water and oil emulsion. This is to make possible that the microscopic unite into bigger olive drops in order to help the extraction of olive oil. The kneading machines are huge steel tanks in which helical blades rotate mixing the dough. At this stage, the temperature reaches 26°C to obtain the cold extraction and this process lasts from 20 to 40 minutes.

Then, the paste obtained through the two-phase decanter centrifugation process is separated into pomace, olive residues and vegetable water.

The olive residues follow their process in order to obtain the nocciolino (as to say the crushed pomace olive seed) which is a powerful fuel for stoves and boilers; whereas the vegetable water is drained by skilled firms.

The pomace is transferred in a separator and it is processed by a second vertical centrifuge where oil is shed from water by gravity. It finally results in Its Majesty the extra virgin olive oil.

Cylinder oil mill system: The olives are crushed by hammer oil mill ( a sort f blenders). It results in improved production times without losing high quality standards.

Generally speaking, but it sometimes depends on the harvesting, olive oil obtained by hammer cylinder oil mills is “hotter” than olive oil obtained by millstones, which tastes more intensely and gently.


Semi-traditional system ALFA LAVAL with millstones to obtain a sweet and harmonious oil.


System ALFA LAVAL with hammer cylinder oil mills to obtain a strong and bright green oil.


HI TECH Amenduni System with a new technology of closed kneading machines and a two-phase decanter to obtain oil rich in polyphenols, that tastes a sweet and full-bodied flavor with an intense scent.