Nocciolino di Sansa

Give energy to the environment with a natural product

The olive oil mechanical work process, especially the crushing, a waste product is obtained that can be employed as a fuel: the Nocciolino di sansa (crushed pomace olive seed).

According to the Italian Law n. 152 of 3/04/06 and the Italian Decree 8/10/04the “nocciolino di sansa”; the olive wood core, is considered as a biomass fuel exclusively obtained by the mechanic production of agricultural products.

By consequence, it is possible to obtain from a waste product energy and heat as well as to better employ waste products without using chemicals.

The nocciolino is a grain natural fuel that can be used to supply boilers instead of the pellet, to heat water, to supply thermofires, stoves, hovens as well as to supply all the polifuel boilers.

The Nocciolino is packaged in 15kg bags.

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