Our farm

Our “dedication” is the result of the experience handed on from father to son.

Our farm was opened in 1996 and set its basis on the love and the passion the Sciroppos has always shared for growing and manufacturing the first-quality autochthon olive varieties.
The excellent quality of our extra virgin olive oil is the result of the continuous experience and the use of improved production techniques.
Our product meets our costumers’ needs and enables the Oleificio Sciroppo to stand out in the national and international market.
The Sciroppos enthusiastically spread local oil and wine food culture by discovering ancient traditions and modern customs in order to bring the new generations nearer to the fascinating and multi shades world of oil.

In this picture, Vincenzo Sciroppo, historical figure of the Oleificio Sciroppo, is dealing with the newly crushed oil. Our history is based on our love for secular olive trees and lands at the foot of the Gargano mountain. We hand on our love story from father to son because we love producing oil that tastes like homemade good things.