Technology and Tradition

Manufacturing a precious product like the olive oil cannot leave ancient techniques out of consideration because these ones are continuously evolving and resulting in up-to-dating machines and experiences.

In order to produce a high-quality olive oil, we use three production methods with continuous cycle: the traditional one performed by millstones and two methods performed by hammer cylinder oil mills.

The farm Sciroppo produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil with the best local olive varieties, especially the Peranzana, following traditional harvest and production techniques.

Loving the homeland

Producing the precious olive oil cannot leave ancient techniques out of consideration because these ones are continuously evolving and resulting in up-to-dating machines and experiences.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Born as a small family business in one of the Italian regions best known for their production of extra virgin olive oil, the Oleificio Sciroppo is one of the most representative firm of the Apulian area. Our passion for high-quality oil production, our experience, professionalism as well as our respect for traditional manufacturing methods make Sciroppo’s oil an esteemed and valuable product.

That’s really the family Sciroppo that directly checks all the production steps: from the olive harvest to the transport into the mill, from the milling up to the storage and bottling. The best olives, chosen from the most precious local varieties, are traditionally stripping harvested in order to protect the oil quality and to avoid fruit bruises and shocks as well as to keep natural flavours unchanged.

So many flavours but a unique taste

The true 100% Peranzana del Tavoliere.

Oil Mill Sciroppo

Tradition and ancient experience share with innovation and up-to-dating research increasing quality standards in order to offer a final product with excellent organoleptic qualities.


In order to produce an excellent olive oil, we employ three production methods. The Frantoio Sciroppo is equipped with three different working lines: a semi-traditional one with millstones and two modern systems using hammer cylinder oil mills. All the three methods are continuous cycle production methods.

Other Services


We take care not only of your Olives but also of your Wheat. In so doing you will make safe and healthy products.

Home Flavours and Smells

So many recipes made precious by the intense and scented flavour of our local olive oil.

There are some recipes that are called poor but they aren’t really poor. This is just the case of the cuisine of the province of Foggia, especially that one in the Tavoliere area, so connected with farming traditions. Its recipes are called poor because they are so simple and just with a few ingredients they can prepare dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Italy is the land of excellent enogastronomy and the traditional cuisine of the Tavoliere area is extraordinary just because it keeps its simplicity and employs the best farming products in the world. Local dishes are made by Apulian tomatoes, oil obtained from secular olive trees, bread produced by cereals which are cultivated in ideal climatic conditions, spontaneous vegetables coming from our sunny and rich countryside.

Traditional cuisine is the result of a heritage handed on from father to son, like the farming techniques. All these dishes are dressed by our extra virgin oil obtained from secular olive trees that the whole world envy us. Its taste, its qualities and mostly its genuineness make the difference. When you serve our olive oil, you serve centuries of testing and research, known-how and love.

The Sciroppo’s olive oil is 100% extra virgin Peranzana olive oil, obtained from autochthonous certified olives. It’s a genuine and without sophistication extra virgin olive oil.

How to reach us

S.S. 272 Km 0,600 – 71016 San Severo (FG)

From the highway A14 exit, turn left towards San Severo.