2016 Ercole Olivario

The final meeting of the most valued prize “Ercole Olivario” took place on 18th and 19th March 2016. The prize celebrates the best Italian extra virgin olive oil and among the finalists there was also our olive oil, thanks to an excellent year of harvest. At the end the winner olive oils have been declared. […]

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Lemon Oil

The Lemon Oil is an event…. It is the best and the most spectacular production of the year…. Suddenly the oil mill is filled with a scent recalling the citrus orchards, the sea and the spring. It is a gentle olive oil that can be served even just crushed.


Extra virgin olive oil harvested in San […]

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2015 Oil

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2015 Olive Harvest – Our tradition goes on

Olive Oil is not just a question whether the olives are good or techniques are up-to-dated, but it is something relying to an ancient experience, to a lovely care we daily take in growing our fruits and in protecting our lands.

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It’s Time For Oil. I Tell You A Tale

Here in the Southern Italy olive oil is something special. It is a year meeting, a ritual, a sacred tradition, because olive oil at home means prosperity, richness… When the olive harvesting comes, in every family there is always someone who takes the trouble to get the olive oil: the granddad, the uncle, the neighbour […]

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2015 Olive Harvest

So much work rewarded with a so wonderful olive oil.

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2015 Olive Harvest

We are at the height of the harvesting, this year the oil will be special. There is nothing better than seeing one’s fruits healthy and flourishing. You will smell the flavor coming from the secular olive trees, you will see the experience handed on from generations who thought us this job and gave us these […]

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At Christmas we all are better

Discover our Xmas boxes.
A slice of Apulia and all our love in your gift
What’s better than a heartfelt gift?

If there’s something where we put our heart into, that’s seeing how our olive trees grow, handed on from father to son and become part of our family. We put our heart into our oil, just as […]

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Here we are at Vinitaly

Even this year we are at Vinitaly to show the oil excellence from Apulia. We bring Technology and Tradition to present the unique Apulian oil to the whole world.

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